Samurailand is a multilingual real estate platform that connects investors globally to the property market in Japan.
We have a wide variety of listings, including apartment buildings, office buildings and single units.
FOR BUYERS: Search for listings that meet your requirements and contact real estate agents directly through our site.
FOR SELLERS: List your property on Samurailand for free to reach prospective buyers.

Looking to invest in property?
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    You can search by neighborhood, nearby train station, property type, price, yield, and floor space.

  • Make an inquiry
    Found the perfect property?
    You can contact the real estate agent directly through our website. Register for free to view maps, survey drawings, and blueprints.
    *Available documents vary by listing

  • Consult with real estate agents
    You can discuss details of the purchase with the representative real estate agent. He or she will address any questions you may have until you are ready to make a purchase.
    *Be sure to discuss the conditions of all purchases fully with each property representative before accepting the final offer. The final agreement is up to your judgement; Samurailand is not party to discussions, negotiations, transactions, or other matters between users and property representatives.

What if I don’t see a property I am interested in?
  • Send us your search preferences (property type, neighborhood, budget, yield, etc.) through the contact form on our home page.
  • We will check with real estate agents to find properties matching your conditions and send the information to you.
  • From there, pick the property you like and proceed to contact the representative real estate agent. Additional fees apply upon successful transaction. Full details provided at the time of transaction.

Looking for investors for property you own?
  • Real estate agencies
    • Register as an agent
      Create an agent account for free on Samurailand. All agent accounts are subject to review.

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    • Register and list your properties
      Complete an easy form to create a property listing for free.
    • Receive inquiries
      Samurailand will notify you by email when a potential buyer inquires about one of your properties.
    • Broker a deal
      Contact buyers directly to work out the details of a transaction.

  • Individual property owners
    • Submit your property
      Through the contact form on our homepage, send us detailed information about your property, including type, location, floor space, year built, etc.
    • Follow the guide
      We will email you a guide to the next steps.
    • Let us do the rest
      We will create a listing for your property for you.
      *Additional fees apply upon successful property sale. Full details provided at the time of transaction.
      **Please note in some cases we will decline to list certain properties or refer you to a partner agency.

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